VC30 Sickle
2014-05-02 8
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Type Shotgun
Manufacturer VisariCorp mini
Location -
Alt/Zoom n/a
Power High
Rate of fire High
Accuracy Mid
Range Low

The VC30 Sickle is a Helghast shotgun designed by the Visari Corporation, and featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Sickle has a unique dual-barrel, dual-magazine design that allows for two different ammunition types to be loaded at once.


The VC30 is a powerful close quarters beast thanks to its unique design. It can be loaded with both the standard shotgun shell, as well as incendiary rounds. The standard shells have a limited range but deal a lot of damage, often resulting in a one hit kill. Incendiary rounds do not do much damage on impact, but will light an enemy on fire dealing massive damage over time.