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Vektan Security Agency
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Established Cold War
Leader Thomas Sinclair
Planet Vekta
Status Active
Purpose Intelligence, Police

The Vektan Security Agency (VSA) is an intelligence agency embedded within the ISA Alpha Centauri, that also provides security to the Vektan side of the planet and Vekta City. Its director was Thomas Sinclair. They make their first appearance in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

History Edit

Early DaysEdit

The Vektan Security Agency was formed during the Cold War period to safeguard Vekta and Vekta City against the resettled Helghast of New Helghan through covert means and special operations. Thomas Sinclair, an ISA Shadow Marshal, helped to create the VSA and rose through its ranks to Director in just four years. Some claimed that he used blackmail to get his position, but this accusation has never been proven and evidence is unlikely to surface, if true.


On June 6th, VSA Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan was intentionally captured by New Helghan forces and traded as part of a prisoner exchange for a half-breed known as Echo. This was apparently done in order to rescue VSA operatives.

On June 21st, VSA Shadow Marshal Kellan infiltrated Visari Park to retrieve VSA reconnaissance operatives who had fallen out of contact, and the intelligence they had gathered. After locating the operatives and retrieving the intelligence, the Shadow Marshal and the operatives made a bold escape, destroying a massive statue of Scolar Visari in the process.

The following day on June 22nd, Sinclair dispatched Kellan to scuttle the ISC Cassandra, a classified research vessel sanctioned by the VSA to develop a bio-tech weapon designed to kill the Helghast, after the deaths of everyone onboard due to the project that was being conducted, and eliminating all evidence. Kellan succeeded in changing the ship's course to the sun, but failed to retrieve Dr. Hillary Massar, the project's leader, from defecting to the Helghast.

On June 29th, VSA Headquarters was hit by a terrorist bombing committed by the Black Hand. VSA personnel engaged the Helghast terrorists, who had launched an assault after the bombing, and preventing Black Hand forces from using hijacked trains as makeshift missiles, and rescuing multiple hostages held by the terrorists. The VSA later located the leader of the Black Hand, Vladko Tyran, but were unable to arrest him as Tyran escaped to New Helghan.

Thomas Sinclair dispatched Kellan under-cover as a refugee to New Helghan to locate Tyran. Kellan was not able to capture Tyran but gained vital information that confirmed Jorhan Stahl to be alive and is working with the Black Hand and Chancellor Hera Visari in starting another war with Vekta and using Dr. Massar's bio-tech weapon to target Vektans. The VSA tracked Massar in a massive mining spire in orbit over Helghan and dispatched Kellan to recover the doctor while a ISA fleet awaits to retake the bio-tech weapon. However, Massar was killed by the Helghast agent Echo after Kellan refused to follow Sinclair's orders in which he is declared as a traitor.

On July 6th, Sinclar led ISA forces into launching an assault on Jorhan Stahl's base on Helghan where Massar's weapon is completed. The assault became a disaster as Stahl activated the weapon that completely annihilated ISA ships. Sinclair survived the attack and boarded Stahl's base, killing Stahl and Kellan, and reacquired the bio-tech weapon with the intention of eradicating the Helghast. Following Sinclair's return to Vekta a month later, he began rallying for war against New Helghan; however, during a pro-war speech in front of the rebuilt VSA Headquarters, the director was assassinated by Echo.


Powers and Control Edit

The VSA has their jurisdiction in Vekta. The VSA gathers intelligence through Shadow Marshals and their Special Forces branch. The VSA also controls the media, transportation (such as the Fly Rail system), Civilian Data (such as bank records, their medical history, etc.), and surveillance systems.

Despite being officially under the control of the Vektan Colonial Government, the Agency has a strong influence over the government itself, to the point that Maya Visari says that it is actually the VSA who decides on the issue of military matters and that the government usually follows; however, the Vektan Government did resist Sinclair's requests to declare war on New Helgan until the Black Hand attacked Vekta City.


Small armsEdit

Model Manufacturer Origin Era Notes
M55 Rumbler Vekta Vektan Cold War Standard issue assault rifle. Chambered for the 6.8x43mm round.
LS12 Ripper Vekta Vektan Cold War Semi automatic pistol with a 3 round burst fire mode. Standard VSA sidearm.
LS21 Valk Vekta Vektan Cold War 24 round submachine gun, high rate of fire. Has a 3 round burst fire mode.
LS36 Breacher Vekta Vektan Cold War Fully automatic 12-gauge shotgun. Uses a drum magazine that can hold up to 10 shells.
LSR44 Spoor Vekta Vektan Cold War A unique hybrid of a carbine and a sniper rifle. It uses an electronic, rail-based technology to vent built-up plasma to prevent damage to the firing system due to heat. The sniper mode must be charged, and uses 12 rounds per shot.
LS70 Fors Vekta Vektan Cold War A single-shot anti-materiel sniper rifle with a bolt-action loading mechanism.
M6 Punt Vekta Vektan Cold War A powerful revolver, using open-rail technology to charge and fire devastating explosive rounds.

Components Edit

Name Origin Era Notes
VSA Security Forces Vekta Vektan Cold War Highly trained security operatives tasked with safeguarding the Vektan citizens. Provides security for any and all events, safeguards V.I.P's and conducts counter-terrorism operations.
VSA Special Forces Vekta Vektan Cold War Highly trained special forces operatives. Their role predominantly consists of conducting covert operations on the Helghan side of the Wall, under great risk.
Shadow Marshals Vekta Vektan Cold War Working alongside and from within the Special Forces, the Shadow Marshals are the elite of the VSA. They are tasked with highest risk missions, which includes the following; infiltration, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and assassinations.

Known MembersEdit


Trivia Edit

  • It appears that the VSA resembles the real life United States Central Intelligence Agency along with elements from some of the top Special Forces in the world, such as the US Navy Seals and the British S.A.S.
  • The VSA is both an ally and enemy in the events of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The player is pitted against VSA forces when playing as Echo.
  • The logo of the VSA appears to look very similar to that of the official Norwegian post office.

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