"Aerial drone that scans the battlefield and pinpoints the location of enemy targets and equipment on your HUD and radar."
— Description
Blackjack Vulture
Killzone: Mercenary
Type Drone
Manufacturer -
Location BlackjackArmories
Alt/Zoom -
Power -
Rate of fire -
Accuracy High
Range High

The Vultur is an aerial surveillance drone, and one of the new "VAN-Guards" debuting in Killzone: Mercenary.

Design Edit

The Vultur is an aerial drone that can scan the battlefield and locate enemies and equipment directly on your HUD and radar.


It is best to use the drone when you actually need it, such as when an enemy is camping and you can't find him, you're low on ammo, or when you need to pinpoint the location of some enemies. Using it for no reason would be a waste.


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