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Walking Attack Drone

The Walking Attack Drone is an heavily armored attack drone used by the Helghast during the events of Killzone: Shadow Fall. While it's not only heavily armored its vital components are heavily shielded making it nearly invincible. The Walking Attack Drone has some similarities to the Mobile Scan Unit, one being the fact their indistructable in front on combat and that they both have Proximity scanners. In comparison to the SEW troop carrier the WAD is combersome and slow; however, its purpose and fire make up for the lack of speed

Appearance & CapabilitiesEdit

The Walking Attack Drone or WAD has four walking-legs that allows it to move even in the toughest urban terrain. The WAD is heavily armored and shielded all around with no blind spots, It is armed with a single Heavy Minigun that is more then enough for any hostiles it detects. Once the WAD has detected an hostile it persues the target relentlessly and using the mounted Minigun even will pin down an enemy long enough for it to move right ontop of them. The only way to destroy the WAD is by using an EMP blast to temporairly disable its systems which gives the attacker the oppertunity to hit its vital systems which even then take alot to damage. If the WAD looses it's visual on a target it uses its Proximity Scanner to try and re-acquire the target. The Proximity Scanner the WAD uses works just like the MSU's Proximity scanner except with a little less range.


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